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Our strength lies in our endeavor to consistently supply quality products at the competitive price that are well accredited by the construction fraternity. We provide complete technical assistance to our esteemed customers and got repeat orders from such delighted customers.

  • What is a cool roof?
    The ideal "cool" roof is one whose surface is minimally heated by the sun, such as a bright white roof. However, sometimes the term "cool" is applied to a roofing product whose surface is warmer than that of a bright white material, but still cooler than that of a comparable standard product.
  • What makes a roof cool?
    The most important feature of an ideal cool roof is that its surface strongly reflects sunlight. The surface of an ideal cool roof should also efficiently cool itself by emitting thermal radiation.
  • Do KTN roofs stay cool?
    Over time, the deposition of airborne particles, the growth of microorganisms, and/or the oxidation of bare metal can reduce the solar reflectance of a cool roof. These events can also increase the thermal emittance of certain materials, especially those with bare metal surfaces.
  • Is your Tiles easy to clean?
    Yes, you can power wash or use soap and water, a degreaser, etc to clean the tile(s).
  • What about UV?
    Our Cool Roof tiles are 100% UV resistant.

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